Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Future is Here

I’m pleased to announce I’ve teamed up with my good friend Ray Mencio to create what will hopefully be the #1 source of NFL draft information on the web.

The site is just about ready for launch and we couldn’t be more excited. Sorry for the lack of updates here, but the work I’ve spent countless hours making sure this new project will have all of the content you would expect from a draft site, and then some.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!

Big site news is coming! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back to Work

It has definitely been awhile, but I've recovered from the madness of the holiday season and I'm ready to go! Tis the season for speculation in Raiderland.

There have been numerous reports that Kiffin and Mr. Davis aren't exactly seeing eye-to-eye. Some believe that Kiffin wants to bring in another defensive coordinator like his father (wishful thinking) or current Bucs' defensive backs coach, Raheem Morris. Meanwhile, Davis may want to stick with Rob Ryan.

I'm not even going to venture a guess at how that mess works itself out. When you've been a Raider fan for as long as I have, you learn that anything is possible.

The draft once again looks to be a major opportunity for this team to right the ship. The Raiders will be flipping a coin with Atlanta during this year's combine in Febuary. The winner will recieve the 3rd overall selection. This guarentees that one of the four prospects that I view as elite (Jake Long, Chris Long, Glenn Dorsey, Darren McFadden) will be on the board when we are on the clock (assuming McFadden declares). I was happy to learn that Lane Kiffin and his staff will be coaching the North squad in the upcoming senior bowl.

I've started compiling my draft board already. While it includes close to 500 players, the rankings are still too raw for me to feel comfortable sharing them just yet. However, there will be plenty of draft related coverage in the coming weeks.

For now, here is a basic look ahead of what the Raiders should be looking to address during the offseason.

Say goodbye to:

Jerry Porter
LaMont Jordan
Warren Sapp
Daunte Culpepper
Cornell Green

On the bubble:

Dominic Rhodes- Due 5 mill next year. If we let Fargas walk, it makes some sense to bring him back so we aren't left with Bush as our only HB. I'm fine with him staying, but I wouldn't mind him being gone either.

Justin Fargas- I would rather let him walk and take the 4th/5th rounder (free agent compensation) in 2009. I'm OK with him coming back if he signs for something reasonable, but I have a feeling the market for him will grossly inflate his value. If that's the case, I want no part of him. He's a product of the ZBS system.

Jeremy Newberry- UFA, but if he plays next season, he'll be a Raider. He's overrated. I've been spoiled by Don Mosebar and Barrett Robbins. He's a good run blocker, but they need to either play Grove or concede that he isn't the answer and acquire another center.

Fabien Washington- Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad year. Don't be surprised to see him traded while he still has value.

Stu Schwiegert- I want him to stay. He's locked up for a long time at a very reasonable price. With that said, he has to accept that he is only a backup and special teams player.

Barry Sims- I loved a 2001. He isn't a LT. He makes too much to be a backup so unless he restructures his deal, he could be gone.

How I'd Fix This:

40 Mill in Cap Room

Corners- Nnamdi WILL be back. If he isn't franchised, it's because he will have already signed a contract extension that will make him one of the 5 highest paid corners in the league. He is the best corner back I have ever seen. Washington would be gone for a second rounder ala Phillip Buchanon and Routt would be back at nickel back. I would have 2 of the top 5 highest paid corners in the league because I would sign Marcus Trufant. Routt is fine as a starter, but this team has plenty of cap room and they need to make a statement this offseason. I don't know if Seattle has the money to franchise Trufant, but if they do, I'll have Asante Samuel on speed-dial.

Down to 32 mill in cap room

Wide Outs- I'm moving Curry back to the slot where he belongs. Then, I'm signing one of these two guys: Donte Stallworth or Bernard Berrian. I'm going to assume Berrian will be more expensive, so I'd be happy to settle for Stallworth. After that, I'm also going to sign either DJ Hackett or Bryant Johnson to start opposite Stallworth.

So, with Stallworth, Hackett/Johnson, Curry, and Higgins we are down to 23 mill on the table...

RB-I'm letting Fargas go with the intention of drafting Darren McFadden. Jordan is obviously gone, but I'm keeping Rhodes around as insurance until I actually draft Run-DMC. With a year left on his deal, Rhodes could fetch a 5th or 6th rounder on draft day. I'm going into the season with D-Mac and Michael Bush splitting carries 65-35.

OL- I'd bring Newberry back, but do so with the hope that Jake Grove rises to the occasion and beats him out. If he doesn't, Newberry is a capable starter for one more year and the position could be addressed after that. The only other position of concern on the O-Line is LT. Sims can stay as a high priced backup if Mario Henderson isn't ready to be the primary backup. I'd love to sign Starks or Jordan Gross, but it isn't realistic. Not when we've already spent big bucks on Trufant, Stallworth and another WR. Our second round pick needs to be Otah, Baker, or Oher. One of them should slip to the early second round.

After Newberry, D-Mac, and a second round tackle, our 23 mil has dwindled to about 9.

DL- I love Corey Williams. I'd love to bring him in to replace Sapp's inside pass rushing skills. But, I'm at my limit for free agent acquisitions so I'd draft a couple of guys in the 6th and 7th rounds and hope one of them sticks. However, the Lions are going to trade Shaun Rodgers. The second rounder I got for Washington is going their way. So is the 5th I got for Rhodes. Finally, they'll need a big DT to help replace him so Terdell Sands is the final piece to that trade.

I'd still have around 3 mill to spend and I realize that elements of this projection are wishful thinking, but that is my 2009 Oakland Raiders.